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Kids are Fit. Focused. Fearless.

Welcome to ThriveKids™ 

We are so glad you have found us. With all of the changes our children have endured we are a safe haven for your kids ages 4 to 14. We have found a way to integrate safety, fun, and learning so your kids can become Fit. Focussed. Fearless! 

Summer Camp is here! Your kids can now have fun at our popular Backyard Camp, or learn at our Backyard Learning Camps. Call us or email us to find out more!

ThriveKids™ Academy and  ThriveKids Learning Pods

At ThriveKids we are in tune with what kids and parents need in order to create their own personal learning experience in this unusual time in history. We are proud of the parents who are leading the conversation around learning and socialization. They are informed and diligent about finding the safest environments for their children to develop in without losing site of their child’s whole body, mind , mental health and social needs. They are making the most important decisions on behalf of this next generation – they will not allow a “lost generation” to take place,  but will independently pursue the highest quality of education and fun for their children. 

Our kids needs are critical in this time. We feel it is critical to the next generation to continue learning and find the right balance of staying safe and continuing to develop the whole brain and body of each child. They need our help to guide them through and keep them emotionally vibrant.

That’s why we have many options to fit your family’s needs at ThriveKids & Co.

Before & After School program through ThriveKids & Co.

ThriveKids offers an amazing Before and After school School program for kids attending schools in the area from JK to Grade 8. Children are dropped off in the morning any time before school from 7:30am to 8am. We then take your child to their local school and place them in safe hands of the aminstrators or teacher at their school. After school the same procedure but in reverse! Children are picked up from their local schools and brought back to the ThriveKids & Co. Hub for snacks, and our amazing 20/20/20 Circuit program. Starting September 8th 2020 and works in conjunction with the Academy and Pods program.

  • Kids from JK to Grade 8 can join
  • Our own proprietary 20/20/20 Circuit system for after school
  • Hours: 3:30pm to 5:30pm – additional 30 minutes (until 6pm available)
  • Available options: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week
  • First and Last month deposit required
  • Costs dependent on Before or After selection or number of days. Costs $150.00 to $650.00 per month

Our Proprietary System Includes 4 Key Components:

Physical fitness is powerful and necessary for kids.  Kids with tons of energy are only getting an average of 15% of the recommended exercise set out by Physical Activity Guidelines. With the TKI circuit system kids exhaust their energy and get Fit! 

There are many obstacles that cause challenges with focus and attention, including screens with loud and dynamic content. ThriveKids™ has developed tools to help your little person  develop routines that create the right conditions for learning.

Foundational Life Skills are essential for all kids.  At ThriveKids™, financial literacy etiquette and life strategies are just a few of the life skills that will build the base to their infrastructure and create a confident, well-balanced and fearless little person! 

 Kids learn eating behavior. We  encourage them to eat well at home but we can’t always be there to guide them when they are in the real world!  ThriveKids™ imparts the tools kids need in order to understand that food is fuel and everything they eat drives their little bodies.

Whats happening at TKI?!

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