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At ThriveKids, we believe  that when kids are given the right  tools, they can develop the necessary skills to become well rounded, independent and self confident in their lives. We help build a foundation for independence and better choices, now while kids are young and malleable, ages 4 to 18. Our programs contribute to building a solid foundation for your kids to become Fit. Focused and Fearless!

Hear our Founder and CEO in an interview with the Master Leadership Series

Follow Morgan, a 10-year-old Spirited boy. The World According to Mo is a look into the world of a neurodiverse (ADHD) boy & his mom. This channel is an educational initiative by ThriveKids.



Partnering with ThriveKids™ is Easy

Partnering with us has never been easier! We will customize programs for you, in order to accommodate your classroom, your schedule and your kids.

It’s As Easy As …

Select Engaging Program: Managing Impulse Control, Social Skills,  Etiquette, Organizational/Focusing Skills, Mindfulness, Anxiety Relief, Competitive Skills and more!


Select Integrated Tools: Managing Impulse Control, Social Skills,  Etiquette, Organizational/Focusing Skills, Mindfulness, Anxiety Relief, Competitive Skills and more!


Book Your School Now! ThriveKids™ will come to your organization and lead your kids through engaging programs.

At ThriveKids We …
  • Customize Programs to Your School or Organization’s Needs
  • Go Anywhere in the GTA
  • Will Come to You Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Are Fully Integrated for ALL kids – Neurotypical & Neurodiverse
  • Also Offer Parent and Faculty Workshops

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Our Proprietary System Includes 4 Key Components:


Physical fitness is powerful and necessary for SpiritedKids™.  Kids with tons of energy are only getting an average of 15% of the recommended exercise set out by Physical Activity Guidelines. With the TKI circuit system kids exhaust their energy and get Fit! 


For the SpiritedKid™, there are many obstacles that cause challenges with focus and attention, including screens with loud and dynamic content. ThriveKids™ has developed tools to help your little person  develop routines that create the right conditions for learning.


Foundational Life Skills are essential for all kids.  At ThriveKids™, financial literacy etiquette and life strategies are just a few of the life skills that will build the base to their infrastructure and create a confident, well-balanced and fearless little person! 


 Kids learn eating behavior. We  encourage them to eat well at home but we can’t always be there to guide them when they are in the real world!  ThriveKids™ imparts the tools kids need in order to understand that food is fuel and everything they eat drives their little engines!