How the Right Nutrition Can Increase Focus

You already know that healthier food = healthier bodies. But did you know that the right types of food can also benefit and optimize the mind, specifically brain function?

Protein and vitamins are shown to improve attention and focus. By eliminating foods that contain artificial flavors, excessive sugar, and preservatives, kids will eliminate brain fog and be able to focus on their studies.

Additionally, some food allergens, such as gluten, wheat, soy, and corn are also shown to decrease a child’s focus and attention.

Sugar is a SpiritedKids™ nemesis! Read food labels and avoid food and drinks with high-fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, dextrin, dextrose, maltodextrin, sucrose, molasses, and syrup – all words that basically mean high levels of sugar.

Experts suggest that half your plate be filled with fruits or vegetables (green beans, strawberries), one-fourth with a protein (chicken, turkey), and one-fourth with carbohydrates (brown rice, red potatoes).

ThriveKids™ Food is Fuel™ program helps kids make the nutritional choices that help them have more constructive energy and better focus.

The program teaches kids the effect junk food, like brightly-colored cereal, sugary drinks, and chips, has on their minds and bodies. Kids learn how to prepare healthy meals and snacks and make good decisions in the real world. For example, at school when others are not making great choices and mum or dad are not around!

Bad food = bad energy, the kind that comes with an extreme high and hyperactivity, and then a big energy crash.

A diet made up of bad food may cause an omega-3 deficit. Omega-3 fatty acids come from foods like salmon, tuna, seeds, and oils. Omega-3 fatty acids improve brain function, and aid in transmitting dopamine (reward centre) and serotonin (well being & happiness). A deficit in omega-3 causes the inability to focus and symptoms such as extreme thirst and increase need to urinate.

ThriveKids™ helps kids gain the tools and fill in the gaps of nutrition in their day. Kids will make better choices and avoid foods they know can change their behavior!

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