Minding the Mindfulness: The Key to Better Behavior?

60 MinutesTime Magazine, and Parade Magazine have all hyped up the “Mindfulness Revolution,” but what is it?

There are claims that mindfulness helps SpiritedKids™ improve behavior, regulate emotions, live in the moment, make better decisions, help relationships, resist distractions, and improve sleep.

The study that started the revolution Mindfulness Meditation Training in Adults and Adolescents released their results in 2008: A mind-blowing majority of 78% of the participants who practiced mindful awareness reported reductions in their attention deficit symptoms.

What does this mean for your SpiritedKids™? It means that introducing methods of meditation and mindfulness to a SpiritedKids™ day can improve their attention, lower their anxiety, and lower their impulsiveness.

ThriveKids™ give kids the tools they need to practicemindfulness techniques, including the basics of meditation, Yoga, & Thai Chi, and techniques for navigating intense emotions. With the ThriveKids™ 20/20/20™ program kids are incorporating these skills each time they come and are learning leverage them whenever they need them.Having the tools accessible at all times builds confidence and and positivity, helps improve communication (between parents and teachers), and contributes to better sleep.

ThriveKids™ has the tools to improve spirited kids’ bodies, minds, and characters inside & out!

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