Experts Say Exercise Help Kids Focus

From dopey to dopamine. That’s the whole point of exercise in SpiritedKids™. I am talking about the psychological benefits of exercise in spirited kids.

Exercise produces dopamine, a chemical in the brain that improves attention and focus.

You can improve your kid’s attention and mood naturally by just helping them exercise before they get to work.

Research shows that vigorous exercise (3-4 times per week) sparks real, positive change in the brains of SpiritedKids™.

Many SpiritedKids™ believe that they will fail at an activity. Exercise helps kids push past these feelings and succeed at the activities they might have failed at before. Additionally, exercise produces endorphins, the “feel good” chemical in the brain.

When you increase dopamine levels, you reduce the need for outside stimuli by helping your attention system become more regular.

The ThriveKids™ program offers vigorous exercise multiple times per week, with their 20/20/20 circuit training program targeting the body, mind and character.

ThriveKids™ teaches kids that they can regulate their mood and attention through exercise. By helping them to regulate their own minds and bodies, kids become empowered and confident!

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