My Kid is NOT An UnderAchiever!

Is your kid an underachiever? Or just not “book-smart”?

Of course not!

The idea that any kids lack the motivation or intelligence for academics is outdated, insulting, and (lets face it) ridiculous!

It is time to start turning this mode of negative thought into positive action.

So what can you do as a parent?

One of ThriveKids’ biggest recommendations is easy: Get more exercise!

Physical activity is proven to improve focus and academic performance. The longer children are forced to sit in their chairs in the classroom, the harder it is for them to hold interest on the subject.

Not only does physical activity prevent obesity, but vigorous exercise 3-4x per week and frequent exercise breaks throughout the school day is proven to improve focus and academic performance.

Through no fault of their own, many schools are canceling gym and physical education classes due to budget cuts or other changing regulations. But experts say this could be a mistake. Exercise is proven to decrease absenteeism, drop-out rates, and improve social relationships.

Exercise is essential for improving brain function in adolescents, including:

  1. Behavior and brain development
  2. Improved cognitive function
  3. Increased oxygen flow
  4. Increased brain neurotransmitters

ThriveKids™ offers support to schools, as well as their own proprietary system geared toward giving kids the activity they need for a better academic outcome. The year-round 20/20/20™ circuit program includes 20 minutes of fun and vigorous exercise, 20 minutes of life skills, and 20 minutes of mindfulness, including yoga and meditation.

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