The New M&M: Mindfulness and Meditation

With as many as 7 screens in an average household, its no wonder kids are distracted! Children are still mostly drawn to television (62%), closely followed by tablets (58%), smartphones (39%), and video games (38%)

For the SpiritedKid™, it goes beyond screens! There are many obstacles that cause challenges with focus and attention.

Giving tools to help your Spirited little person, can help them gain focus and engage in activities, that may not be their favorites. Showing them routines that aide them in creating the right conditions for learning will also help with organization and focus.

Mindfulness is one very helpful tool that give SpiritedKids™ the ability to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. This can help reduce stress, improve focus, create relaxation and enables better cognitive function.

At ThriveKids™, our kids centered mindfulness programs includes Mindfulness and Relaxation, and many other techniques and tools for kids to use at home and at school to keep them focus and relax!

Meditation is a tool that can help kids focus in a busy, overwhelming world. It can help busy minds to organize thought and to focus and engage despite all of the stimuli that comes in to their environment. Below are some steps to take when introducing your SpiritedKid™ to meditation…

5 Steps to Introducing Meditation to Your Child

  1. Encourage your kidsto explain their feelings to you. Once they can understand their own emotions they have about different experiences, meditation may help them settle overwhelming feelings. Explain meditation to your child in terms they can understand, such as reading a book like Peaceful Piggy. Make it special by designating a meditation area in the home and give rewards for participation in the process.
  1. Teach peacefulness. There’s no right or wrong way to begin meditation training. The point is to get them in the practice of settling their minds and calming their emotions. Encourage them to sit still and upright, as laying down may cause them to fall asleep. Help them notice their breathing and take deep breaths in and out.
  2. Teach the lotus position.A fun visual for teaching the lotus position is to have them sit and clasp their hands together and raise their two index fingers, holding them in front of their mouth. Instruct them to inhale deeply and exhale slowly like they are blowing out a birthday candle.
  3. Set the example!Figure out your own meditation practice and lead by example. Also set realistic expectations for yourself. Repetition is key to making meditation a norm in the household.

With time and practice, your SpiritedKids™ will learn meditation, and it will help them focus and be less impulsive and more calm. This will enable your Spirited kid to tackle bigger challenges in their everyday life!

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