What To Do When You “Sense” A Disturbance in the Force

Its easy for SpiritedKids to become overwhelmed in their fast-paced, high-tech world.

Multi-sensory environments stimulate the senses without overwhelming the senses in order to reset the brain, as well as calm and promote feelings of well-being.

A multi-sensory environment is a controlled space or room that blocks out noise and other distractions. The lighting and temperature in a multi-sensory space is geared toward calming the Spirited child and increasing focus.

Multi-sensory environments are a fun way to improve the development of thought, intelligence and social skills. These rooms help SpiritedKids™ learn to control their emotions and simply take a break from what is overwhelming them.

Time spent in a multi-sensory environment has been shown to increase concentration, focus and alertness, as well as improve creativity, social skills and awareness. This positive stimulation gives SpiritedKids™ the jumpstart they need for learning and cognitive development.

The ThriveKids™ multi-sensory environment helps your SpiritedKids feel safer, and gives them an outlet to better discover the cause and solution to their most intense feelings.

When kids are calmer and less stressed, they will be better able to focus on academics and improve responsiveness to parents, teachers, and the other relationships around them.

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