Thanks For The Thought But I Need More Help!

Sure you may have that best friend who understands (or tries to understand) the struggles you go through raising a high-energy, complex child. That friend may even go out of his or her way to offer to babysit (yeah right!) or even splurge on a spa gift card for you. But is a trip to the spa enough to bandage the ever-increasing stress that comes with raising a SpiritedKid™?

In my experience, the relaxation wears off soon after the pampering ends. And I am thrown back into a world where I am constantly on alert, making lists, stressed out, and working as hard as I can.

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate all that my friends and family do for me. But giving me breaks for self-care only seems to procrastinate finding a real solution to relieve the stress that raising a SpiritedKid™ sometimes puts on me.

What is truly needed is more programming for SpiritedKids™. 

ThriveKids™ was my golden ticket. ThriveKids™ has helped my kid become more confident, responsible, and individualistic.

The ThriveKids™ parent workshops have helped me better accommodate my child and improve his focus through better nutrition and exercise options. The workshops help me navigate the complex world of raising a SpiritedKid™ and give me methods of coping that I did not know prior to joining the program.

In addition their programming has given my kid methods for relieving his own stress or anxiety, including the MultiSensory Chill Room, which he uses at least twice per week to refocus. The MultiSensory Chill Room has improved by kid’s focus and concentration, making him more successful at school and at home.

So what does this mean for me?

I now have the time and energy to care for myself physically and mentally on a daily basis, not just on the rare occasion that I go to the nail salon or get my hair done. Not only am I healthier and happier; My family is healthier and happier than ever!

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