Preparing Your SpiritedKid™ for Success at School

If you are a parent of a SpiritedKid™, the pressure is on! There are so many things to keep up with to ensure your child will be successful at school, at home, and in their respective environments.

We have already discussed the importance of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness for the focus of a SpiritedKid™. So now let’s talk specifics!

You’re kids are going back to school and SpiritedKids™ may need a little more help than most preparing for a successful  academic year ahead. Here are some ways you as a parent can assist your child.

4 Ways to Prepare for Success at School

  1. Partner with the teacher!Meet with the teacher ahead of time to discuss your child’s challenges and strengths, as well as strategies that work well. Set goals for your child and your family and let the teacher share his or her own expertise. Once you develop  a plan for success, have your child meet the teacher and tour the classroom. Letting your child become accustomed to a new classroom environment and teacher ahead of time can make all the difference to starting the school year off with success.
  2. It’s all about the routine!Hopefully you kept a schedule during the summer, but if you haven’t, now is the time to start. Scheduled routines for bedtime, snacks, play, meals, organization, and self-care will make all the difference when helping your child prepare for school so they know what to expect and will encourage healthy habits.
  3. Prepare nutritious food options!Make sure you have everything ready for healthy lunch and snack options. Research shows that excessive sugar and food colouring additives may increase aggressive and hyperactive behaviour with SpiritedKids™. Nutrition is key as various healthy food choices  have also been shown to increase focus and attention.
  4. Preparation is key!Organization is very important for SpiritedKids™. Let your child help pack his or her own backpack and empower them to prepare for the school day. Talk to them about what they enjoy about school and help them to build expectations about their school day.

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