The Brain is the Control Centre for SpiritedKids™!

SpiritedKids™ are intense, sensitive, and energetic little people who may also struggle with focus and attention, be fidgety and can suffer from low self-esteem.

How many times have you just wanted to shout “control yourself!” or “settle down!” when your child has gotten upset and is screaming?

The reality is, your SpiritedKids™ may not know how to control their emotions, and the suggestion to “control yourself” or “settle down” may only frustrate your kid or escalate the situation.

When you were waiting for your little bundle of joy, you probably had a checklist of what you were going to teach them in life. Manners, cooking, baseball, painting, cleaning, and other activities might have made the list for you.

Did it ever occur to you that you might have to teach them how to control their own emotions? Where do you even begin?

Big feelings like anger, frustration, anxiety and stress can be overwhelming for kids. Their minds start racing and their bodies are filled with new physical sensations, including increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and tense body parts. It may be difficult them to sort out the cause of the emotions and how to decelerate them.

One way to help your kids conquer their emotions is to simply teach them how they work.

It all begins in the brain. (You can download a script at

Explain to your SpiritedKids™ that the brain is the control center of the body, sort of like a train station, and all their emotions, like trains, originate at the station and pass through their body.

The brain has lots of jobs, including making good decisions and managing feelings. The brain is also in charge of bodily functions like eating and breathing.

Sometimes the big feelings that come from the brain might be scary. Explain to your kids ways to help when they get frightened over homework, or angry that their sibling has a toy they want. Ask them “Can you help me think of some ways to help?”

Tell your kids its important to learn to calm their brains in order to make good decisions. Tell them you will help them practice techniques to calm their brains so they are better able to problem-solve and act better in their social relationships.

ThriveKids, Inc. teaches parents and kids how to control their emotions and bodies. The ThriveKids™ proprietary system teaches how to incorporate exercise and mindfulness programs in order to control their bodies from head to toe. The programs also teach how good nutrition positively affects their minds and bodies.

And in case your SpiritedKids™ need some extra attention, the ThriveKids “chill” room is open daily for kids to come and calm their minds in a multi-sensory environment.

By incorporating 30 min of vigorous exercise four times per week, breathing techniques, and good nutrition, your SpiritedKids ™ will develop more control over their minds and bodies.

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