How to Address Anxiety Among SpiritedKids™

How to Address Anxiety Among SpiritedKids™

In recent years, there has been an increase in anxiety among adolescents. With SpiritedKids™ already having issues with focus, learning, confidence, and controlling their emotions, this rise in anxiety has the potential to cause developmental delays both mentally and physically.

So what can parents do to curb the anxiety?

1. Turn off the electronics. Not only are electronics a distraction, but they may also enable kids to escape uncomfortable emotions rather than learning to deal with them.

2. Give realistic expectations for emotions. Teach your kids that its normal and healthy to sometimes feel sad, frustrated, and angry. It is not an expectation to be happy all the time. Teaching kids to combat stress and take care of their feelings are key to living a good life.

3. Let kids do it themselves. Help your kids develop their own work ethic and goals for themselves. Telling them they are already the best at what they do may be putting unfair pressure on them. Instead, teach them how to study/work and tell them to do their best.

4. Give kids enough time to play and exercise. Research shows that exercise and play time can actually improve focus and control over emotions. Kids should be getting at least 30 min. of vigorous exercise four times per week.

The ThriveKids 20/20/20 Circuit™ for Bodies, Minds, and Characters gives kids the tools they need to manage their bodies from head to toe. The circuit includes 20 Minutes of fun-filled vigorous exercise, 20 Minutes of Life Skills training, and 20 Minutes of Mindfulness, Social Skills and Relaxation. Exercise makes learning Life Skills easier and there is more engagement. Mindfulness teaches SpiritedKids™ how to control their emotions and relax, including yoga, breathing techniques and balancing exercises. After the circuit, your SpiritedKids™ will be ready for a good night’s sleep!

Contact ThriveKids™ about their classes to address anxiety. Learn more at,, or (416) 782-3456.

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