Help Your SpiritedKids™ Overcome Difficulties with Schoolwork

Help Your SpiritedKids™ Overcome Difficulties with Schoolwork

Schoolwork can be difficult for SpiritedKids™, those kids with extra energy and challenges with focus and learning. So how can you ensure a successful year for your family and school?

First, make sure your expectations as a parent fits within the development of your child. What does this mean? 

It means that to ensure your child’s success, you need to first understand the difference between when your child is acting out or when they are struggling with challenges specific to them. It also means that you need to understand these challenges and how they can affect simple tasks like homework.

Plan your responses based around how your child’s brain is wired, and not necessarily his or her age. Understand your child’s frustrations and complication with these tasks and develop solutions for how they can manage them.

For example, utilize methods such as yoga and breathing exercises to help calm your child and work around their frustration. Likewise, if you expect your SpiritedKids™ to manage their feelings, you as a parent must put in the effort as well. In other words, set the example of managing your own feelings through these exercises even when you feel like yelling is the only way to get their attention.

When you set the tone, it inspires confidence in your kids, and this confidence translates to the tasks at hand.

Similarly, help them to manage their time in a way that works within their challenges. If your child is too energetic to focus, give them 20 minutes of vigorous exercise before sitting them down to accomplish their school. Exercise has been proven to improve focus and learning.

Finally, know that you are not alone. ThriveKids™ supports a community of parents dealing with similar issues. Check out their other blog articles featuring more methods to help your child focus and succeed at school. Additionally, check out their programs for SpiritedKids™ and book an appointment for their multi-sensory “chill” room.

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