Science Says These Daily Habits Will Help Kids Be Successful

Science Says These Daily Habits Will Help Kids Be Successful

While every person has their own parenting method to raising healthy children, research shows there are some steps you can take to raise kids to be more successful now and later in life.

  1. Chores:Help your kids learn that work is a part of life by instructing them on chores around the house. Cleaning their own room, dusting, gardening, and other chores will not only make your life easier but it will help your kids feel accomplished.
  1. Social Skills:Teach your kids to be understanding of others, helpful, communicate successfully, resolve problems themselves, and respect authority. Research shows that kids with good social skills grow up to be more successful.
  1. Education:Set yourself up as a role model for good education. Make it clear to them what you expect of them for higher education, regardless of your income or current situation.
  1. Relationships:Also set yourself up as a role model for good relationships. Kids who are exposed to healthier relationships tend to develop more successful relationships in life. Help kids to manage conflict and learn to resolve problems.
  1. Math:Parents tend to focus on reading at a young age, but research shows that math skills are crucial as well. Research shows that teaching early math skills translates to both math and reading achievement.
  1. Effort:Teach them that failure is a chance to grow, not an end. Teach them calming methods to relieve stress and to always keep trying.
  1. Work Ethic: Model good behavior and show them achievement gained from working hard.

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